Specialists in Low Energy and Heat Pump Heating Technology

Medal Heating´╗┐

We are specialists in supplying and applying heat pumps, which are proven technology in the air conditioning and refrigeration sector but relatively new in the heating sector.

Plumbing or Refrigeration?

Many heat pump heating systems combine plumbing and refrigeration technology. Both are very different markets each with their own skill sets and legislative environments. Our aim is to bring together trade installers in both distinct markets to enable each to take advantage of this technology.

Heat Pumps?

A heat pump uses proven and mature technology to produce heat much more efficiently and with significantly lower carbon output than conventional heating systems such as oil, gas, coal or electric resistance heating.

How much more efficient?

Conventional heating systems either burn fuel, with the inevitable loss of some energy through the chimney or flue or use electrical energy directly through resistance heaters. They can be as low as 60% efficient but can never be greater than 100% efficient.

Heat Pumps use energy indirectly to power a refrigeration system to pump heat from one place to another. This typically uses 1 unit of energy to produce between 2 and 4, or more, units of useable heat. This means that the system is between 200 and 400% efficient!