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Air to Water

An air to water heat pump uses an outdoor section to collect heat from the air outside. There is useable heat in the air outside, even in the depths of winter, that can be collected and used.

A split system, as shown above, uses an indoor section, very similar to a conventional boiler but without the flue, to transfer this heat to a water circuit and pump it around a hot water circuit.

A monoblock packaged unit has the indoor section fully piped inside the outdoor section all mounted outside.

Like a conventional boiler a heat pump system can be used to provide hot water for heating and also, via a hot water cylinder, domestic hot water.

The only issue with a heat pump producing hot water is they cannot produce water as hot as a conventional radiator. In order to ensure best efficiency we recommend a flow temperature of 45C. This is suitable for underfloor heating, low temperature radiators or fan coils but not conventional radiators.


We distribute the Panasonic Aquarea air to water heat pump system. With a massive choice of units and class leading energy efficiency this is the natural choice for anyone considering an air to water system.


Available from 7KW up to 16KW the split system comprises of an outdoor section and indoor 'boiler' section connected by two small insulated refrigerant pipes.


Available from 9KW to 16KW the monoblock is self contained and mounted outside

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