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Panasonic Aquarea

Aquarea, from Panasonic, is a range of air to water heat pump systems that set new standards for this type of product.

Split system indoor and outdoor unit

Monobloc system - all in one solution

It is an ideal solution to providing heating via hot water in both new build and retrofit applications.

The Range

Aquarea is available in both split and monobloc (single piece) formats. This gives maximum choice when deciding the best system for you. Capacities range from 3 to 16KW (12,000 to 55,000 btu/hr) and systems are available with electrical supply in both 1ph and 3ph.

What can Aquarea do?

In essence Aquarea uses electrical energy to extract heat from the air outside and uses both to produce hot water for heating and / or hot water production.

Aquarea is available with or without an unvented hot water cylinder in choices of 198 or 287 litres.

Aquarea is suitable for heating via low water temperature radiators, fan coils or underfloor heating. It is also usually suitable for conventional radiators but you should check the actual sizing

Aquarea can also be used, in some applications, for cooling as well as heating.

All Aquarea models are suitable for use with solar heating and / or backup boilers.

We have a full catalogue that includes full technical details on the Aquarea system and for a copy, or to speak to our technical department please call us on 01743 466333

Aquarea have the widest range of MCS approved heat pumps of any major manufacturer

For more information go to www.greenbooklive.com

What you get as standard

Aquarea comes as standard with -

  • Circulation Pump
  • Boost Heater built in as standard
  • System controller
  • Auto Air Vent
  • Low water flow protection switch
  • Inverter capacity control

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