Specialists in Low Energy and Heat Pump Heating Technology


Hot water heated by heat pump may be very efficient but it isnt as hot was water heated by conventional oil or gas boilers.

We are able to supply a full range of low temperature radiators or powered fan coils in many different styles if you are only looking to provide heating. We also have a full range of fan coils for dual use heating and cooling.


A conventional radiator will operate with a heat pump system but will not give as much heat as a dedicated low temperature model.

As an example if we take a 600mm high one metre wide  Stelrad Compact model then this is designed to give 2.4KW of heat with a conventional boiler or 1.5KW with a condensing boiler. With a heat pump at 50C flow then this reduces to 1.1KW.


The Jaga range of low temperature radiators offers a massive choice of sizes and styles giving a modern, energy efficient alternative to conventional radiators or slow responding underfloor heating systems.

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We have a huge range of fan coils for either in room or ducted operation to give the fastest response time and the potential for cooling as well as heating

Panasonic Aquarea Air Radiators

These are a hybrid system, a mix between a low temperature radiator and a fan coil. They are suitable for cooling as well as heating and have inbuilt controls and three way valves.

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