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Heating Controllers

Unless you want your heat pump to operate all of the time regardless of the room temperature then we recommend using a heating controller to control the space temperature. This will only operate the heat pump in heating mode when it needs to.

We have tried many different options for controlling the space temperature from very simple mechanical thermostats to very complex microprocessor based controllers but have settled on a range of just three standard controllers for virtually all applications.

All three are wireless and have a small receiver box mounted next to the heat pump. All three have a time clock and instead of turning the system on and off instead split the day into five or six different time zones. Each time zone has its own set temperature so you can drop the temperature when you are in bed or out of the house. They all allow for holiday settings. They are all, importantly, very simple to operate and very competitively priced.

Basic Controller

The CZ-RT500RF is a very simple to operate basic heating controller with five time periods per day, a manually set clock and a traditional menu driven user interface. We would recommend this controller for more conservative householders.

Standard Controller

The CZ-ST620RF is our standard heating controller and it features an innovative push ring interface along with six time periods per day and self setting wireless clock. This controller is suitable for most users

Internet Enabled Heating Controller

The CZ-iT500 offers all of the features of the standard CZ-ST620RF with a neat touch panel controller and the massive bonus of internet connectivity. Once the system is set up it communicates with the internet via a small box wired into your internet router. You can then take complete control over your heating system from a PC, tablet or smartphone. You can over ride the current temperature, adjust time or temperature settings, initiate a holiday set back mode. All from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection and at any time that you want. Lying in bed and feeling chilly? Turn the temperature up via your smartphone!

This controller is our preference of the three models that we offer for its massive flexibility.

Now that you have selected your heating controller lets look at the pipe work and accessories by clicking here