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Medal Heating are specialist trade distributors of Low Energy Heating Systems using heat pumps. We will also work with end users to specify the right heating system for you.

Heat Pumps can help you reduce the running costs for you heating and lower your carbon footprint. We offer a full range of heat pumps and associated technology.


We offer a full range of heat pump products to heat your property and many of these are able to provide cooling as well in summer. All of them share one thing in common. They use electrical energy to take low grade heat from one place and introduce it into your building to give you a comfortable environment. They are efficient and cheap to run because they only use the electricity to operate a compressor which powers the process, it isn't the heat source. Typically this means that 1KW of energy put into the compressor can pump three or more KW of heat from the air outside or the ground to give you four or more KW of usable heat. Compare that with a typical combustion based heating system where one KW of energy is used to fuel the combustion process but 10% of that energy goes out of the flue leaving only 0.9KW of heat going into the property.

An air to water heat pump uses the air outside as a heat source. Typically a monobolc heat pump is mounted in the garden and takes heat out of the air and uses this to heat water which is then pumped inside the building for use in space or hot water heating. An alternative to this is a so called split system. Here an internal boiler section is connected by electrical cables and small refrigerant pipes to a compact outdoor unit. It operates in the same way as a monobloc system but all of the components containing water are inside the house where they can't freeze. The advantage of an air to water system is that it uses popular radiators to distribute the heat inside and it can easily be used to generate hot water.

A Water to Water system typically has a boiler mounted inside with three pairs of pipes. One pair supplies hot water to heat the domestic hot water cylinder. One pair goes to the heating system to heat the radiators. The final pair goes to collect heat from whatever the source is. The heat source is commonly the earth via a bore hole or underground pipe network and this is called a Geothermal system. This is very efficient because the temperature below ground is stable throughout the year unlike the air which fluctuates in temperature. Other potential sources of heat can be ponds, wells or shopping centre water loops, for commercial applications or apartment blocks. A water to water system, particularly a geothermal one, is more expensive to buy and install than an air to water but typically are more efficient and cheaper to operate.

A water to air system uses water as a source of heat like a water to water system but instead of using that heat generated to heat water this type of system uses it to directly heat air which is then distributed into the room either directly or via ductwork. This kind of system can often be very efficient but it does not lend itself to domestic hot water generation as easily as air to water or water to water systems do.

An air to air system uses an outdoor unit to collect heat from outside and then an indoor unit connected by electrical cables and small refrigerant pipes to the outdoor unit to distribute heat directly into the conditioned space. This can be extremely efficient but does not easily lend itself to domestic hot water generation.

We are specialist suppliers of all of these types of heat pump and can advise you of the best option for your project. We are not installers ourselves but can put you in contact with a properly trained and fully qualified contractor who can look after your project for you.

As specialists in this type of technology we are very aware of the pitfalls with heat pump technology. We can advise you of how to avoid these and how to get the best from a heat pump system. We are very aware that there are many new companies trying to climb on to the heat pump band wagon without any idea of the potential limitations. We have many years of experience with heat pump heating systems and can be your guide to what is not new technology but is a relatively new application for it. We sell top quality products and, maybe more importantly, a full range of ancillary products to ensure the system you choose works at its best and doesn't fail because somebody has tried to cut corners. We are your guarantee of a good outcome!

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