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Internet Control

Heating Control

We control the heating system using a Salus iT500 internet controller.

A base station is attached to the heat pump indoor unit to control demand. This is attached to a wireless controller which is mounted centrally in the house. This also connects to a receiver wired into the Wi-Fi router. The controller has six time periods each day and each can have its own different set temperature. At any time we can log in remotely from a PC, tablet or Smartphone and over ride the clock settings or change anything at will.

System Controller

We also have an Intesishome control interface fitted to our Aquarea heat pump

Using this we can control our heat pump from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night using either a web browser on a PC / Mac, an Android App or an iPhone or iPad app.

This not only makes life easier for the occupants but enables an engineer to log into the system, with the occupants consent, at any time from any place. Not only can this be done while they are in their office discussing a routine service call but potentially could be done from a motorway services while the engineer is between jobs and taking an emergency call about the unit.

Having this level of control really takes heating a 17th century building into the 21st century!