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Another Internet controller

We have now installed a Salus CZ-IT500 internet controller to give variable time and temperature control of the house temperature. Previously the system used the Panasonic system controller to turn the heat pump on and off but with no temperature control and relied upon the variable water temperature based upon the outside ambient condition to control output and the TRVs to trim conditions in the rooms.

We now have six temperature periods per day each with different conditions and a central wireless thermostat. This is connected to the internet so we can monitor the temperature of the house remotely and make changes as required from any where in the world using a PC or smartphone. We have Android smartphones and use these to control and demonstrate the system in operation.

Internet Control

We have become the first company in the UK to install an Intesishome interface to our Aquarea.

It was really easy to install and set up, though a little bit of patience is required.

In essence the interface box connects to our wifi router and from there to a server. We can use a PC, tablet or smartphone to connect via the server to our unit.

This allows us to operate the unit remotely and also see what its doing at any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world.

This is not only useful for end users but is potentially even more useful for service and maintenance companies who can interrogate a system and change settings remotely. It means an engineer can see what is happening in real time and can potentially get the system up and running again in emergency.

Genuine Savings!

Archived from 2010

First quarter fuel bills for Brook House are in and show a significant saving over the previous estimate from the utility company.

Despite the unseasonably bad weather this winter an estimated combined gas and electricity estimate of £663 was reduced to £437, which looks like a 34% saving.

This doesnt tell the whole story however. The gas bill was budgeted to be £545 and should have dissapeared completely but, in fact, only dropped to £109 because the new heat pump was not installed for the entire quarter.

Equally the electricity bill was budgeted to be £118 in any case. The electricity bill only increased to £327 despite taking over both heating and hot water production.

Savings would have been significantly greater had the heat pump been in place for the entire quarter rather than half of it,

In essence if we look at the drop in the gas bill of £436 and the increase in electricity of £210 this gives us a saving of £226 or a 52% saving on actual heating costs which is more than we expected.

We will keep on monitoring the savings over the summer.

Jaga Website

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