Specialists in Low Energy and Heat Pump Heating Technology

Our own heating system

Office Heating

We use an air to air heat pump system for our offices, using a single outdoor unit to collect heat from outdoors and power multiple indoor units in the general office, board room and lounge areas.

This gives us a heating system that reacts quickly, is easily controlled by our staff. It can also give us cooling in summer.

In terms of energy efficiency our system gives us 9.6KW of heat for a power input of 2.52KW, or under 11 Amps. This means we heat the whole of our office for less than the running cost of a small domestic fan heater!

Water Heating

We use a heat pump water heater to generate hot water in a tank for our kitchen and handbasins. This maintains a tank full of hot water at minimal cost, using heat from within our warehouse as a source. Running at only 2 Amps this is cheaper to run than using a gas or oil fired boiler and much more comfortable and efficient than using instant electric water heaters while being cheaper to run too.

Further Energy Savings

We use PIR sensors to control our office heating system so when the area is occupied it is heated and not when there is nobody present. This gives much greater flexibility than a time clock system and is much more reliable than asking the staff to control the system manually.