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Split or Monobloc?

Now that we know the capacity required and the flow temperature then we need to decide whether to use a split system or a monobloc heat pump.

Split System

                             Indoor Unit                                                                                 Outdoor Unit

A split system has two sections. The indoor 'boiler' section contains the water, heat exchanger, pump and controls, while the outdoor unit contains most of the mechanical parts that collect the heat and transfer it to the indoor unit.

The most important thing to consider is whether you can actually fit the indoor unit inside the building in such a manner as it can be accessed and worked upon both at installation and for future service and maintenance.. The dimensional requirements are shown below.

We suggest that the unit be mounted at least 800mm from the floor.

If you can find somewhere to put this indoors where it can be easily accessed for service and maintenance then our strong suggestion is that you opt for a split system.

Advantages of a split system

  • The outdoor section is smaller and lighter than a monobloc
  • A split system will not generally require antifreeze which is expensive and affects the system efficiency
  • A split system is usually much easier to work on than a monobloc
  • A split system indoor unit can be worked on when its raining or snowing without risk
  • All split system outdoor units are suitable for wall mounting rather than on the floor
  • Keeping the water inside avoids pipe freezing and pipe heat losses
  • Accidental damage due to storms or vandalism are less expensive to remedy

Some people are concerned about split systems because they require specialist installation work from an F-Gas qualified engineer but don't let that put you off. This part of a project is easy and quick and if you don't know a good refrigeration engineer then we can put you in touch with one.

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Monobloc System

A monobloc system has all of the components of a split system but contained in one box outdoors without the requirement for on site refrigeration pipe work. It has a remote controller mounted inside the building.

                       Standard Monobloc System 5 to 9KW                            Standard Monobloc system 12KW plus & all 3ph TCAP & HT

Dimensions of the standard model 5 to 9KW monobloc systems

Dimensions of the standard model 12KW above and all TCAP, HT and 3 phase models

Advantages of a monobloc system

  • No indoor unit required
  • Compact and quiet design
  • Less installation work required than a split

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