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System Controller

The Aquarea system has a system controller mounted on the front of the indoor unit if it is a split system or a remote system controller for indoor mounting if it is a monobloc.

The system controller is used to operate the heat pump, select its operational parameters and settings and turn the system on and off. It is primarily designed for the technician and not the end user to use.

System Controller Options

You have two optional upgrades to the system controller. These are the Intesishome wifi remote access interface and the Heat Pump Manager advanced controller


This controller is fitted inline with the standard system controller and connects with the internet via your wifi router.

This device allows you to connect to your heat pump remotely via a web browser, Tablet PC or Smartphone and make changes to the operating parameters of the unit. It does not allow you to change the room temperature and for that you would need an internet enabled heating controller. These are available and you will see these in the Heating Controller section.

Heat Pump Manager

This acts as an alternative interface for more complex installations where enhanced system control is required or you wish to control two or three Aquarea models together from one controller.

They are significantly more complex to use than the standard system controller and should only be considered for more complex installations. All installers wishing to fit a HPM equipped system should attend HPM specific training or engage a HPM trained engineer to set the system up.

An attractive touch screen interface is available in addition to the standard HPM user interface and this is far more suited to the end user if they wish to have access to the system themselves. We would strongly suggest that this interface is used if the end user wishes to change parameters themselves.

The big advantage of HPM is when you connect multiple Aquarea systems together. You will need an additional network router to achieve this.

We strongly suggest discussing any potential HPM installation with us first.

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