Specialists in Low Energy and Heat Pump Heating Technology

For End Users

We can work with you to ascertain the best solution for you to reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint. We supply via a national network of specialist contractors who can ensure you are fully compliant with the relevent legislation. These include both large national companies and small local contractors all of whom offer an excellent standard of service. We will normally ensure that they are MCS accredited so you can take advantage of the RHI if it is applicable.


While DIY customers naturally want to reduce their installation costs by doing as much of the work required themselves there are significant Health & Safety concerns and legal issues where installing heat pumps is concerned. Many of our specialist installers are able to work with you to acheive a result that meets the legal requirements, protects your investment but also allows you to be involved with the installation and minimises the cost to you.


Heat pumps use refrigeration technology that is outside of the skills base of many plumbing companies. We aim to work with our friends in the air conditioning and refrigeration and renewables industries to enable you to easily outsource this side of the project . We can do this in such a way that your customer is able to obtain the RHI as well if you are not MCS qualified.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Installers

In the same way that refrigeration is outside the core skills base of many heating companies, many aspects of plumbing and domestic hot water installation can require specialist input. We can assist with helping you outsource this aspect. of the project and also ensure that you can offer the RHI even if you are not MCS qualified.

Renewables Companies

We work with many Renewables companies making the specialist engineering skills required for heat pump installations available to you.

Heating Ancillaries and Spares

We are a specialist at sourcing all manner of ancillary items and spare parts for both heat pump and conventional heating systems.

We can soon source the part you want for most domestic and commercial heating systems and can ensure it gets to you or your customer. Alternatively you are welcome to collect from ourselves.